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Yes, when I submitted that last post I was thinking perhaps he was complaining about the converter performance / stall torque ratio / durability problems, but after submitting it, it occured to me that he was probably referring to the noise issues.

I could be a smart aleck and say that yes, Dodge (or actually now, Ram) deliberately builds noisy torque converters so we can see whether customers are paying attention or not, and that we love to pay warranty claims to replace converters, but obviously that's not the case. The noise issue (we call it "warble") does not occur on all vehicles, and we've released a service torque converter that eliminates the noise for those who do have it.

The noise is caused by excessive lash between the turbine hub and turbine damper spline inside the converter. There is a small amount of tolerance on the spline teeth (for both parts), so the lash will vary from converter to converter. Many will have a small amount of lash, and therefore no noise. Others will have slightly more lash, and therefore will exhibit the noise. The noise is not a durability concern, but it is an annoyance for those who notice it. The replacement converters have a tighter turbine hub spline (which is actually an interference fit in some cases) which eliminates the noise. The turbine hub is the only part that changed, so replacing your converter will not improve performance or fuel economy (only the noise).

By the way, the new converter design introduced for 2012 MY fixes the noise issue and improves fuel economy, so that should help both of your concerns....
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