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What a bunch of tools. I wish there was some kind of real quality control at dealerships. The leveling kit caused the truck to shudder in 4x4. Although Dodge has released a service bulletin saying "All Dodge rams will shudder and shake in 4x4". From the research I have done it appears dodge couldnt figure out what was wrong with 4x4 so they just said all of them will do it (leveled or not). Mine didnt before so I am removing it. It also blew a ball joint in the upper control arm (a few days later) but that could have been on its last leg. Nice thing is you cant just do the ball joint on this ram it has to be the entire upper control arm (yay!). The Dodge dealership here said they have had a few people blow front difs from the leveling kits after only 5,000-10,000 km. Its mainly the quad cabs that have this issue and not crew cabs. Mopar no longer sells its leveling kit.

Seems like dodge focused too much on the body and interior than the actual parts of the truck. To be honest after reading the thread about driveshafts falling off on new rams Im going to cross my fingers, try to get 10,000km more out of this truck without killing myself and sell it.

Ill let you know what they say about the belt. I have no trust in the dealership here from past experiences so I am getting a mechanics shop to look at it instead. I should be getting it back soon.

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