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Hey Robb...welcome to the forum.

The front track bar is a notoriously weak link in the front steering/suspension system. Check both ends pretty closely.

I do not know if the stock steering box is adjustable but here's what the Service Manual says as possible areas to inspect for excessive play:

1. Worn or loose suspension or steering components (Track bar).
2. Worn or loose wheel bearings.
3. Steering gear mounts are loose.
4. Gear out of adjustment.
5. Worn or loose steering coupler.

In reading the manual further, I found the following corrections recommended for each of those items:

1. Inspect and replace as necessary.
2. Inspect and repair or adjust as necessary.
3. Tight gear mounting bolts to specification.
4. Adjust gear to specification.
5. Inspect and replace as necessary.

So, it appears that the steering gear box is adjustable! The service manual has two or three pages of how this is done and it looks like a bench job, not a job you will do with the gearbox on the truck.

The steering coupler is a joint pretty near the top of the steering shaft just outside of the firewall.
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