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Originally Posted by brad12kx View Post
At 250cfm, the Hemi will suck this thing into the TB.

Fast math - 250cfm / Hemi + {Off Idle}x2.5 /Log20(Good cup of Joe) + 24 of good beer = They can't be serious! At full boost, it will support about 2500 RPM

A 5.7L Hemi at 600RPM sucks through 60 cubic feet/min of air.
At 2500RPM - 252 cubic feet/min
At 6000 RPM - 604 cubic feet/min

And that is based on 'average' volumetric efficiency.

I'm not 100% convinced, but I believe this 'SuperCharger' might help my lawn mower.
Yes -

Also - all that is is a Boat engine cabin venting pump... before you start your engine you run the fresh air pump and clear the engine "room" of fumes... Believe it or not a guy came into our shop to run that on the dyno. It was a Jetta - it had ZERO effect on the dyno ZERO...

This worked way

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