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Originally Posted by Jixer View Post
Mine is in as I type. I miss not seeing her in the garage when I go out for a smoke and admire my baby!! Will get it back tomorrow by 11 am. My truck has 1800 miles on it and I only hear it in the tow/haul mode, especially when pulling a small load (snowmobile trailer and two sleds)

Here is a point of interest: When I took it in and had the SM take a ride with me, he heard it and said it was the TC. Now the interesting part: He said they were also going to replace the pump on the front of the TC? Never heard of such a thing, so you guys and gals may want to inquire about the pump as well. He also said it needed two "flashes" one for the o2 sensor and couldn't tell me off hand what the other one was. Will update this tomorrow after I receive my truck with more info gathered from the SM.
Boy, this SM must have ESP or something! He can tell that your pump is bad by just riding in the truck with you? Sorry, but I don't think I'd buy that. A bad pump will typically cause line pressure issues, but you noted no fault codes (like P0868 Line Pressure Low) and never said that he checked the line pressure readings with a scan tool. I don't understand how he could think your pump was "bad" without checking these things.

It's probably too late now, but I would avoid having your pump replaced unless there is a definite problem. The converter noise issue is NOT a pump problem!! It is caused by excessive backlash in the turbine hub spline (inside the converter). It has nothing to do with the pump!

It is very easy (when replacing the pump by itself) to allow the input clutch thrust bearings (which are inside the next big "chunk" of parts behind the pump) to fall out of position. If this happens, you will have a complete transmission failure, generally 300-600 miles after the pump replacement. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common misrepairs we see in these transmissions.

So for the rest of you (with the converter noise), I'd recommend that you replace only the converter, unless there is an obvious issue with the pump. Replacing the pump "just to be safe" is actually a LOT riskier than just leaving it alone.
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