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This is not my star report it is one i found on the net!!
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Update i had mine fixed last wed droped it off picked it up less than 24 hrs later it was fixed. Noise gone everything is good.I was hearing mine(Growl/howl and grinding from 40mph to 53.This problem was not due to doggin the truck i drive that thing like a baby. They know about this problem took the tech for a test drive he heard it and that was it i also took this to help he even asked for a copy so it would be easier for him to explain to chrysler

Star Case: S1121000005

Release Date: 6/30/11

Symptom/Vehicle Issue:
Customer indicates that the vehicle has a slight moan, drone, or rattle noise and sounds as though it is coming from the exhaust, The customer may indicate that the noise occurs under light load (1400 - 1700 engine rpm - around 40 to 60 mph)

Confirm that the noise only occurs while the torque converter is in lock-up at low speeds (around 1400 - 1700 engine RPM) at approximately 45 mph. If the noise is heard while transmission is in partial lock-up at 1400 - 1700 RPM, put the vehicle into ERS - Tow/Haul mode (deactivates MDS and torque converter in full lock-up) If the noise is unchanged, perform the following repair procedure. If the noise goes away in ERS mode, further diagnosis is required. If the noise occurs above 1700 RPM or below 1400 RPM, further diagnosis is required.

Parts Required:
AR (1) RL051167AB Kit, Torque Converter
2009 - 2011 2WD DS R/T Only)

AR (1) RL051146AB Kit, Torque Converter
2009 4.7L WK/WH/W2/XK/XH,
2009 5.7L DS/DC/DH/D1/HB/HG/WK/WH/W2/XK
2011 5.7L DS/DD/DJ/D2 Only)

AR (1) RL0512241AB Kit, Torque Converter
2008 4.7L 4WD WK/WH/XK/XH
2008 5.7L 2WD/4WD DR/HB/HG/WK/WH/XK/XH
2009 4.7L 2WD ND/HB/HG/DS
2010 4.7L 2WD ND/DS/DX
2011 4.7L 2WD DS/DX/ND
2011 5.7L 2WD/4WD WD/WK/W2 Only)

Repair Procedure:
Replace the torque converter.
Follow the procedures identified in the service manual

For those that want to know what the actual noise is in the torque converter:

The noise is caused by excessive lash between the turbine hub and turbine damper spline inside the converter. There is a small amount of tolerance on the spline teeth (for both parts), so the lash will vary from converter to converter. Many will have a small amount of lash, and therefore no noise. Others will have slightly more lash, and therefore will exhibit the noise. The noise is not a durability concern, but it is an annoyance for those who notice it. The replacement converters have a tighter turbine hub spline (which is actually an interference fit in some cases) which eliminates the noise.
As for issues in the long run....
if the torque converter is left running loose internally, it will eventually wear even worse, then pretty much self destruct.You`ll end up with a bunch of metal from the TC running thru the entire transmission, it will destroy the trans eventually. What will most likely happen, the TC wont go into lock up anymore, if it does, it will just be VERY noisey an go back out.
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