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Originally Posted by Blackthunder View Post
Isn't that great? A component of your transmission, designed, engineered and manufactured to self destruct.

After a year of owning my Ram, I'm still asking myself why I bought one of these things. Must be because I'm loosing my ability to do proper research?
No, we don't design our transmissions to self-destruct. These converters do not generate debris, and they don't destroy the transmission pump (or other internals).

The turbine hub spline teeth will brinell in over time, which will cause the backlash to increase slightly (and the noise to get worse), but this does not mean the parts will eventually wear out or fail. The spline teeth are not all perfectly sized and spaced, so under torque some teeth will come into contact first while others remain unloaded. The "high" teeth (that come into contact first) will eventually get peened down (due to the contact stress). This spreads the load onto more and more teeth (as the "high" teeth brinell), which reduces the load on each tooth (the total torque is spread over a greater number of teeth). Eventually, you reach a point where the contact stress is low enough that no further brinelling occurs.

The tooth brinelling does not generate any significant debris, although it will increase the backlash (and worsen the noise) to some extent. But don't think that a noisy converter is doomed to premature failure, or that it's generating lots of debris that is destroying your transmission. That is simply not the case.
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