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TransEngineer is just really niceTransEngineer is just really niceTransEngineer is just really niceTransEngineer is just really nice

Tow/Haul mode disables MDS, so things smooth out in Tow/Haul because MDS is no longer active.

I am not an MDS expert, but I imagine what you guys are feeling (when you tip into the throttle in MDS mode) is engine torsional vibrations. The engine will be running rougher already (due to only being on 4 cylinders). Torsional vibrations (which are actually the torque pulsations from the individual cylinders firing) increase as torque increases, and also increase as engine speed decreases. So opening the throttle (calling for more torque), at low engine speed, in 4-cylinder mode, probably gives you the overall worst case for torsionals. These feel like a drone or shudder.

About all I can say is, the point of MDS is to maximize fuel economy. You have to trade off some smoothness / refinement in order to boost economy.

Blackpearl, I don't know what your death wobble would have been. I'm not a brake expert either, although your thoughts about ABS seem reasonable to me. Maybe something caused your traction control / ESC to pulse one or more of your brakes. I would have your dealer check for any faults, to see if maybe there are codes set that might give you a clue.

By the way, the converter noise issue is typically just a noise, not a vibration problem (at least in vehicles I have driven).
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