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No, this noise is not something that's present in all trucks (or that will be present once they wear in).

The amount of backlash in the turbine hub spline will vary from one part to another. If you get one that has too much backlash, it will be noisy (and will get slightly worse as it wears in). If you get one with acceptable backlash, you will have no noise. As the teeth brinell in, you will only develop the noise if the brinelling takes you from the acceptable range of backlash into the "noisy" range. But since the amount of brinelling is very small (a few thousandths of an inch) I suspect that in most cases, you'll still be in the acceptable range even after the teeth are brinelled.

The replacement converters use a much tighter-fit spline than the original design (it's actually a press fit), so they should have no noise. If you're getting yours replaced, you might want to have them check the barcode label on the new converter to ensure they've got the correct (latest) part. Mopar sells converters as kits (converter plus 4 new bolts), so the Mopar part number for the kit is not the same as the production (barcode) part number. Here is the decoder guide:

4.7L engine: Converter = 04752705AA, Mopar kit = RL051241AB
Most 5.7L engines: Converter = 04736911AB, Mopar kit = RL051146AB
5.7L RT model: Converter = 04736982AB, Mopar kit = RL051167AB
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