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Having thought some more about this (releasing a 66RFE trans with revised PCM software for 2011 and earlier trucks), I now realize it ain't gonna happen.

Obstacle #1 is the fact that (since the PCM software controls both engine and trans) there are myriad combinations and permutations of PCM software, depending on model year, engine, emissions package, fuel tank size, etc. So we would need to create MANY new sets of PCM software, not just one-size-fits-all.

Obstacle #2 is that anything we market would have to be certified as meeting emissions requirements. This is the big problem! There is no way we have the resources to go back and re-certify all the different combinations, with a 6-speed transmission with different ratios and a different shift schedule, especially figuring these would be low-volume sales.

So I'm sorry, but there is no chance (that I can see) of this actually being feasible for us to do. Maybe someone in the aftermarket could work up a package for this retrofit.

I should also note that 66RFE transmissions use an extension (or 4x4 adapter) that are not compatible with 1500 models. So those would have to be swapped out (which can be done, the parts will interchange). But changing the extension/adapter may also change the rear geartrain end play, and if the end play winds up out of spec, it would be necessary to tear the trans down and change a selective spacer to adjust it.

I should also note that the solenoid module used in the 2012 (66RFE) transmissions is NOT backwards-compatible with 2010 and earlier model years, so you'd also have to swap out the solenoid pack.

Also, the torque converter now being used with the 66RFE is different from that used in 2011 and prior years. This is not a big deal (the new one would probably work fine), but for anyone trying to keep emissions legal (not likely a huge concern for anyone undertaking this!), the new converter could change the emissions performance.

So I guess things are never as simple as they seem at first. Sorry.....
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