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Originally Posted by dpeterso View Post
With those of you who had a torque converter replaced, did you here or feel any vibrations when in Tow/Haul mode? I'm not sure If I have the issue or not. I get a growling noise and some vibration around 50mph when MDS kicks in. If I put it in tow/haul it's smooth and no vibration. I'm not sure if it's the engine lugging at the low RPM's in full lockup with MDS or if it's a TC issue. I'm about ready to go down and test drive a 2012 to see if there's a difference.
Tow/Haul or normal mode should not make a difference. The TCC will go into full lockup in either case. So if you have the converter warble, you should hear it in Tow/Haul as well as normal driving.

[ Note that this assumes your TCC stays in full lockup when you enter Tow/Haul mode. Since the Tow/Haul shift patterns are different, you may have a situation where the TCC will unlock (or go to partial lock) when you enter Tow/Haul. But if you go into full lockup while in Tow/Haul mode, you should get the same noise. ]

MDS is another story. MDS mode disables full lockup; it only allows partial lock. So you should NOT hear the noise in MDS mode. If you hear a noise in MDS, it's not the converter rattle.

Also, note that ERS mode disables MDS (and thus, re-enables full lockup). So if you're trying to diagnose the converter noise, run at light cruise about 45-50 mph. In normal Drive mode, MDS should kick on and you should have NO noise. Then tap the ERS (-) switch to put the trans in "5" (which is normal 4th gear). At this point, the TCC should engage full lockup, so if the noise is present you should hear it.

But as I said before, this is not a durability concern, so if you only hear the noise when you go hunting for it, you don't really need to bother with getting the converter replaced.
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