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"So about how much difference am I looking at?"

You mean from stock with a program?

Here's what I'd do to start with the HEMI (and I have one in my Chrysler 300CSRT8)

1. Cold air intake
2. Catback exhaust
3. 180 degree thermostat
4. DiabloSport Predator programmer

With those basic mods, about 40 - 50 HP

Then, get a CMR tune through a DiabloSport authorized tuner. With that, about 20 - 35 HP if the tuner is experienced.

After that, it's time for a cam, lifters, headers, hi-flow cats.

About another 50 HP for those mods.

After that, it's time to bore and stroke the engine, beef it up a bit with some forged internals and go supercharger.

HP gain will vary depending on your tune and how much boost you drive out of the S/C.

I'd be talking with some of our vendors here about these mods.
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