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Default Quad and Fog HID Install Tutorial

I know woodmw has posted a tutorial on how to install DDM HID lights for dual headlamps. But I have yet to see anyone do one for quad lamps or fogs. So while installing mine, a few weeks ago, I took pictures and notes. I will try to give good detail description on how to do it for quads and fogs. I used woodmw post for help but there were some differences.
Note these are DDM 55W 5000K lights. I purchased the full size raptor ballasts along with the relay harness for the highs and lows. I also purchased the mounting bracket. I recommend the mounting bracket. The bulbs to purchase are H10, 9005, and H11.
Now to the instructions.
1. Remove the radiator cover. To do this pop the plastic tabs out. I used a pair of small needle nose pliers for this.
2. Remove the bolts holding the grille on and remove the grille. The bolt heads are size 10mm. A nice ratchet and socket should work for this. The grille has two snaps at the bottom corners. To remove the bottom, pull straight out on the corners. The snaps are a tight fit so it is a little difficult.
3. Remove the headlight assembly. To do this there are two bolts up front, one on top and one on bottom (10mm). There is also one in the back. To remove this on you will have to remove the cover inside the wheel well (a plastic tab holds the cover in place). Behind the cover is a bolt (10mm and extension is needed). Also behind the cover is a white plastic lever (push straight up on this to release the headlight). After all of that is done, pull the headlight straight out or push from the fender well side.
4. This is where it starts getting a little different from dual lights. On the back of the headlight assembly is two twist lock covers. Behind those covers are the bulbs and plugs. Note that the top light is your low beam and the bottom is your high beam. After removing the twist lock cover, a 1Ē hole will need to be drilled in it to accommodate for the new wire coming through.
5. Remove the old bulb and install the new one. Just like woodmw, I did not like the way the bulb fit in the housing with the oíring that came with the bulb. I used the old oíring off the old bulb to make a tighter fit.
A: The low beams (H11 bulbs) did not come with the connector on the wiring. Instead it came with two spades. This is normal according to DDM. (Bad design IMHO) Plug the spades into the connector on the truck for the original bulb. Make sure red positive goes to white/blue wire and the black negative goes to the black/blue wire. I recommend using electrical tape to hold these in place. Run the other wires through the hole you just drilled on the twist lock. I put RTV silicone around the rubber grommet of the new wires for peace of mind.
B: The high beams were a little easier. The connectors are straight plug and play. For grins and giggles I put electrical tape around these also. Same thing as for the lows, run the other wires through the hole you just drilled on the twist lock.
6. Mount the ballasts and relay harness.
A: On the passengerís side there is a plastic cover that runs from the top to the bottom. I found this to be the best place to mount the ballasts (one above the other). The relays I just zip tied to an existing wire loom.
B: On the driverís side there is a rubber piece up top. This is wide enough to mount the ballasts right next to each other (side by side). Or you can mount them sideways on top of each other. The relays were also zip tied to the fuse box.
7. Run the wire and plug everything up.
A: On the passengerís side run the wire through the intake hole. Or drill a hole right next to it and run the wire through the drilled hole. To pop the intake tube off reach inside the air intake box and push the tabs in and pull the tube out. While pushing the headlight assembly in run the wiring through the hole of your choice. After running the wire through, plug everything up. And reinstall the intake tube.
B: On the driverís side there is a hole right next to the fuse box. Same as the passengerís side push the headlight in and pull the wire through. After getting the wire through plug everything up. I taped all connections up just for peace of mind.
8. Check everything before bolting it all back up. You will have to start the truck to check the highs and lows. I had forgotten to plug the high side up on the driverís side.
Now the for the Fog Lights. These are VERY EASY.
1. Crawl under the truck and remove the blubs and put the new ones in. No need to remove the assembly
2. Mount the ballasts.
A. On the passengerís side I just mounted it on the same plastic piece as the other ballasts.
B. On the driverís side I mounted the ballast to the bolt that is holding the fog light assembly in place.

3. Now just plug everything up.
Good Luck and enjoy being able to see at night
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