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Intake and exhaust will help a little. Unfortunately, there are no programmers available for your year truck yet. CJD encrypted the PCM software and no one has, as far as I've read, cracked the code yet.

I have an AFE Stage 1 intake, a Magnaflow single in / dual out 18" muffler and a DiabloSport Predator programmer. The combination of those modifications netted me almost 4 MPH HWY and just a little above 2 MPG City.

Also, it's been reported by the truck and the LX/LY Hemi powered car communities that with some mileage on the engine, MPG improves.

But a good start for you would be an intake and exhaust. As far as intakes go, don't get a cheapie off of eBay. The inlet tubes are thin-walled cheap plastic, they crack and the filters are junk. Some have even been reported to have come apart and filter material was sucked down into the engine. Not good.

There's a thread under the Modification Sections on the 5.7L HEMI intakes that are available. Cooler air creates a better, more efficient combustion cycle. That's because cooler air contains more oxygen molecules. One of our members, who is now full-time rv'ing it but still posts here, did a great job with comparing some of the intakes available.

Good luck!
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