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Originally Posted by bigmikelrg View Post
Ramvan, thx for all the help I came across 3000$ and pretty much going to spend 1000$ to start with what should I do first....steps would b nice and it doesn't have to b all tranny stuff it can be engine mods to. Also I'm saving for a stroker kit that's what the rest of the 3000$ is going towards stroking my 318 to a 390 this is what the kit says it will stoke it to wats ur input on that? O and what brand and middle throttle body should I b looking at...I know this is allot of questions but u rly seem to know what ur talking about and seem very reliable and trustworth plus u answer my needs and concerns thx ramvan and others as well.
I don't mind the questions at all, I really enjoy helping others and discussion it really gets the imagination going.

Well for the throttle body their isn't much you can do because the vehicle is MPI and the timing if controlled by the ECM so you can change the TB all you want it's not going to make much difference BUT, you can port the TB which has been known to help with response, though the ECM controls the RPM's with the use of various sensors one of which is the TPS. If you look back on the 3.9L Magnum's many users would but a V8 TB on their manifold and it would be shown to increase RPM's a little only due to the improved air flow.

What you could do to the engine is change the intake manifold, some members on the forum have a liking for the Huges FXI I believe. The stock Magnum cylinder heads have poor breathing you might be able to have the exhaust ported this will help a little but nothing serious. Even if you change the rocker ratio you can only increase it so much because the possibility of a valve hitting a piston. The increase of the rocker ratio would be minimal.

Personally I would start out by making a plan of what you want, instead of jumping in spending large amounts of money it would be good to make yourself a plan, since it's your truck and your money I am going to leave the planning up to you, I can only make suggestions my 2 cents per say.

I would probably start at looking at all the possible engine mod's like the stroker kit. Importantly I would look into a performance ECM or the cheaper root a Performance Chip. Mopar has performance ECM's they sell. The ECM is really the issue with the engine because you cannot do any spark advance or retard because that's the ECM's job, like said no matter what you do to adjust timing the ECM will notice the change and compensate to bring the timing back to original. This is the reason for performance ECM's and chips. Stay away from the 5 dollar performance chips all those things are resistors that you put on the temperature sensor to trick the computer into running rich.

The transmission would be addressed last because that would require rebuilding, so save the best for last :P

I have no input on your stroker kit because I haven't had experience with a stroker kit, but I will look into it and measure the cons and pros as well as look around for something better.

But for now just start making a plan and looking up different mods such as the stroker kit and intake manifold changes and cylinder head mods, performance ECM's and chips, bosch 4 nozzel fuel injectors, performance fuel pumps, engine cooling, drive shafts and U joints, differentials, and so on...

If the magnum could produce amble HP and torque in high RPM it would be a even more perfect engine. But it was designed to be put in a truck so you have to work with it. But those aluminum cylinder heads I would look into those, they are expensive around 800 each but they are very nice.
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