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Default My PITA is gone for good!

Well the straw broke the camels back yesterday. I sold the monster from hell this evening to CarMax!! It's gone for good, some elses problem now!!

I got my Personal Porperty Tax bill in the mail yesterday. I dam near fell off my chair. It was over a grand for only 5 months of ownership.

I called the county tax office to get a reading on why was my vehicle valued at a price that I did not pay. The value is based on retail value as of January 1st of that model year. For example if the value of the vehicle is 60K on Janaury 1st and I bought it in July at 45K. The tax is based on that 60K not the 45K I bought at. The county does not care what you paid for it, just the value on January 1st.

There is another little factoid. "Truck" tags bring only issues and many of them! Because of the "Truck" tags I don't get the Personal Property Tax Relief that an automobile does. The relief is only meant for "Automobiles" not "Trucks". Changing the tags to "Automobile" tags may get you the tax relief. But,that's a big may get you! Once the county knows it's a "truck" they are on it like white on rice! I was so hosed!

Another one is; because it's a "truck" and it has "truck" tags, I get slamed again for the EZ pass. EZ pass conciders "Trucks" as commercial vehicles!! Hosed again! Ouch!!

Yet another one. Becasue it has "truck" tags, you may be subjected to HOA rules. Becasue "trucks" are concidered "Commercial" vehicles. And "commercial" vehicles are not allowed to be parked within the association property. Hosed yet again! Nasty grams out the ying-yang!

Yet another one. Ever see those signs that say "No Trucks" Yes, if you have those "truck" tags on they mean you as what your driving is concidered a "truck"! A truck is a truck is a truck and by no other name is a truck!! Hosed yet again!

Do I have buyers remorse? No, not at all! I got rid of one big headache! I was running through more blood pressure pills then diesel fuel! So when the truck went off to the back of the CarMax lot this evening I was jumping for joy! Gone is the biggest headache I've ever owned! Gone are the nasty grams that were left on my windshield telling me my vehicle was subject to towing! Gone are the EZ pass citations for not having the correct EZ pass, for which I called and they sent and coded the pass wrong! Gone is the shitty dealership that did not know a dam thing. Gone period!

I'm back to driving my 12 year old GM that has 455 air. That's paid for! Remote start - Kids go start the truck for dad so it's warm for me. A GPS that I can punch the screen and change while the truck is moving! Free radio vs. crappy customer service from sirius.

In the 5 months that I owned it I only put 500 miles on it. CarMax asked me why? I said.... It's a "Truck"!
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