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Default New clunk noise when braking only.

Hi guys, I'm hoping you can help me out so that I don't have to start throwing money into parts just to find my problem.

I have a 99 Dodge Ram 2500 with the 8L V10 and it has just bumped over 150k miles. It is all original except for a new thermostat, coolant temp sensor, steering box, and four wheel drive actuator in the front axle. I have never had any other issues or breakdowns with this truck so I consider myself lucky.

My problem is this: Randomly, when braking, I can hear a solid but light clunk from the front driver's side of the vehicle. It may clunk while decelling at 30mph, maybe 10mph, and even initially when hitting the brakes. It also may not clunk at all and then clunk again the next time I hit the brakes. It does not seem to matter how fast I am going (has done it when going no faster than 10mph or 70mph). The clunk can also be felt through the floor board but not so much the brake pedal or steering wheel as I have read on other posts. Also, when hitting bumps or potholes, it will NOT clunk, nor will it clunk when turning. Only when hitting the brakes, and only once per braking session. I cannot find my problem "verbatim" in any other posts or forums.

The reason I am here is because, I am unable to find any bad parts. The brakes are tight and missing no bolts, pads are good, all bushings look good, cant get any movement out of the sway bar or ball joints, leaving me with two options, 1) That one of you guys will know what needs replacing or 2) Start replacing everything until the problem is solved.

Any ideas?
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