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There are always different opinions on oil (check all the threads)l but there is definitely some misinformation in this thread.

Originally Posted by TG1977 View Post
I have to have the dealer do the switch to synthetic right? Which synthetic do you recommend.
No, you can change to synthetic yourself. I use Amsoil with a bypass filter system. I think it's the best set up but that is just my opinion.

Originally Posted by selfserve217 View Post
I use castrol synthetic in my car (truck is too old for synthetic).
Your truck isn't too old. That is a myth. It used to be thought that synthetic would cause leaking seals but that isn't true. What really happened was it would clean seals that were already bad but were plugged with gunk from the old oil.

Originally Posted by selfserve217 View Post
I would even consider adding some Lucas to your oil changes, that stuff definitely helps in the long run as well. Hope this helps!
Pass on the oil additives; modern oil has all the additives it needs. There is nothing to be gained from snake oil and you may even do more bad than good.

Originally Posted by s2welee View Post
Synthetic oil is still "dinosaur oil". Both conventional oil and synthetic oils are made from crude. Synthetic is just more refined and uniformed. There is a lot of misinformation about synthetic oil.
No offence, but I might suggest that you get your information from sites that are not advertising a product. Synthetic oils are not just more highly refined mineral oil. If you notice at the top of the page it starts, "Synthetic motor oils - such as Mobil 1". The kicker is the "such as". Mobil1 is a Group III oil which is derived from mineral oil through a process known as hydro cracking. It is not actually a synthetic oil but for marketing purposes in the US it is referred to that way. It is not considered synthetic in Europe. Group IV and V are not made from mineral oil and are true synthetics which are "built" from polymers and esters. Royal Purple and Amsoil are examples of oils using Group IV and V oils. I'm not saying that Group III oils are bad I'm just clarifying the technical info; Mobile 1 is a fine oil but technically it is not a true synthetic. I believe originally it used to be primarily a Group IV oil.

Originally Posted by GTyankee View Post
It is never too soon or too late to change to Synthetic motor oil
let the dinosaur oil stay in the ground

I switched to Mobile One Synthetic & i decided to go with a good oil filter, i prefer WIX brand, who also makes NAPA GOLD & Carquest
I'm with you on the filters but it looks like Mobile 1 is still made from dinosaurs according to their own site.

Disclaimer: I'm getting old and my opinions will reflect that fact!
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