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Default Lengthy Review: Magnaflow 16869 & 10778 installed [PICS & VIDS coming]

*I've always been a Gibson or Borla or Corsa exhaust person [purchased a Flowmaster once, never again], as this is what I've used on previous trucks/muscle cars I've owned, but based on sound clips, threads/posts here and other places and opinions from people in the know [my exhaust guy for 12 years] I decided to give Magnaflow a try*

Magnaflow 16869 Catback and 10778 Y-pipe came in early so I had it installed/finished this morning. Everything was welded and resonators were trashed.

Here's my review:

First of all, let me be honest and say that the OEM exhaust is really not a bad build/quality system. I had a good look at it when it was removed and was more impressed than what I thought I'd be. Never saw the inside of the muffler but I'm sure it's nothing to celebrate. The pipes however are quality and seem well made. The tips are nothing to advertise but it is what it is. Then you get to that horrid Y crimp and your palm quickly meets your forehead. Good Lord Ram, WTF were you thinking? Can you say "restriction?" My exhaust guy was bewildered.....


Build & Quality: Outstanding! This is a five-star catback exhaust system in every way possible. Believe me, I inspected this carefully from front to back when my exhaust guy after he pulled it out of the box piece-by-piece and was very impressed with build quality. Couldn't find any fault. From the Y-pipe I purchased seperatly all the way from the exhaust's one end to those monster tips is very [VERY] well constructed. The Y-pipe is serious and very well constructed and feels/weighs heavy duty. The mandrel bend on the pipes - and their overall quality - is top notch [perfect]. I actually got the tape measure out and the circumfrence was the same from where the pipe starts bending to the bend's completion. Muffler not only looks like the very best but it's heavy duty! Even little things like the pipe hangers are welded on solidly. Those tips? Well, I'll tell you straight up: the pics and video clips you've seen of them do NOT do them justice! These things are amazingly well constructed and look as good as I've ever seen/had. How they look installed in pics and clips is also injustice. They are bigger in person then what the pics and clips portray. I don't mean "ugly" big, I mean "perfect" big as they fill up those OEM rear bumper dual cutouts perfectly. This is the pipes that Ram should have used.... had they seen them and how they fit. The finishes product viewed from the rear looks as if it came out of Ram's production line like that.

Sound/Tone: I'm going to be straight up with you and not BS anyone: if you want something LOUD, then this is NOT the system for you, period! Don't waste your hard earned money on this system if you're after something loud [obnoxious] that's going to scare the homeless sleeping on a cold winter's night. You can spend half of what I did and get your wish. However, if you want the sweetest, throaty, deep growl that you can imagine, then please [PLEASE] seriously consider this system before buying one of "thos" mufflers, as it's the best sounding catback exhaust I've ever heard.... and this is my 5th full sized pickup in 12 years. At idle, it just has a really nice subtle growl to it. Nothing over the top but rather just enough to say "I'm here if you wanna' party, okay?" At WOT, well, it's like day and night. It's hard to believe that it's the same system that was just idling a minute ago parked. It has the deepest and sweetest growl to it that I've heard or had to this day. Love it!!!

Drone: What's that? Absolutely nothing.... anytime!

Performance: I had to do a 220-mile round trip shortly after I picked it up. This was mainly on back roads with lights, stop & giveway signs and whatnot. This really gave me an opportunity to open it up and not only listen to it but see if any performance gains were present. Responsiveness has REALLY improved. That "lag" I use to have with the OEM is all but non-existent. I'll be honest, I never purchased this catback for performance reasons as I expressed in past replies, but the little "oomph!" I got was a very pleaseant [welcomed] suprise. Nice! The exhaust now, CLEARLY, breathes better than that sad OEM "catback."

Finally: Sure, this is not a cheap system by any stretch of the imagination [I read previously that some of you were picking them up for $400 - $500... my questions is: from where?!?] but if you want top-notch quality with a sound/tone that is, IMHO, perfect, then please seriously consider this. Wait a little more and save your money.... believe me you'll feel like I do right now: This is one of the best mods I've done to any ride I've ever owned!

Kudos Magnaflow... you nailed it with this one and won over a customer for life.

Here the final kicker: Past experience with catback exhausts have taught me that whatever sound you hear on the day of installation sounds considerably and noticably better after about 1K. Think about it....

Thanks for reading and I promise to post pics and a sound clip this week.... just waiting for the crappy weather to pass.

Ask questions if you wish.
Truck was sold today [5/19]. I got an offer I couldn't turn down. I had no more need for a pickup so I cut it loose. About to purchase a '14 Jeep SRT8 this week.

Grub out!
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