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Originally Posted by greyhemi1772 View Post
That is exactly what is happening to me excuse any (noobish) tendencies new to forums lol but yes ive done almost to the T what u have done loading and reinstalling the stock tune

So im guessing alota people have had this issue with the sylanoid pack and that being
the remedy?
Actually, you and I are the only ones or the only two that I have heard that attempted to reload tunes for a successful temporary bravo to you for sharing. I don't know why anyone else hasn't tried it or shared it if they did. If they did, I never saw it ever mentioned. And trust me, not even the infamous Scott at Superchips heard of reloading the tune as a temp fix though he did assure me that it was not the tuner causing it. As snrusnak suggested call them for advise but fix it yourself (if it's not under warranty) if you think you can do it after talking tp them. It's too bad that they don't have an aftermarket company that makes them. It seems to be a reacurring problem with these transmissions. Not sure if it's bad or good...who knows, it seems to be an easier fix than a rebuild. I know for a fact that the converter and clutches were good but they changed them anyway.Was it a good deed on their part or was it for the extra money from Chry that they earned for fixing it while under warranty I will never know.

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