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Originally Posted by BlueJet View Post
Congratulations to our January Winner !!


And now a word from your winner.....

First and foremost Iíd like to thank everyone that nominated and voted for me, this obviously wouldnít have happened without you guys and girls.

My name is Jordan and I now live in Anaheim Hills, California. Iím engaged (most people on here saw that) and have a dog (Thor). I come from a dodge truck family as over the last 50 years of farm/personal trucks mine is the 6th one in my family, which currently owns two, mine and my fatherís í07.

My Journey here on the forum started back in August when I bought ďSnow WhiteĒ as she affectionately became named. She is a 2011 white 1500 crew cab big horn with I believe almost every option except for a sunroof and the upgraded stereo. The first thing I did before I even picked my truck up from the dealership was find a forum to troll for Dodge trucks. I have been involved in all sorts of forums from musical instruments, reptiles, cars, car audioÖ. You name it and Iíve done it, Iíve been on a forum for it. So I knew finding a good forum for a new truck was crucial, and a quick Google search led me here. I trolled for a few days before making an account and announced myself and it was love from first post. Im just glad I had a pic from the dealership parking lot so no one *couch* brad *cough* hounded me about posting pics lol.
The mod bug started very quickly with the what seemed like a forum section changing mod with my LEDs and HIDs. Which quickly led to many PMs about helping with bulb color/selection and finally into a full blown sticky about it. From there I started on my stereo adding a new head unit and speakers, until it turned into a 700 total watt mega stereo build that I am in the process of finishing. I also threw on a sec of headers and a Corsa catback somewhere in the process.
Future plans for the truck are to completely bag all 4 corners with a 4 link in the rear, a body drop to be able to lay frame, custom 26Ē DPE ST-10 wheels with a matte black face and gloss white lip, a Vararam air intake smoothed and painted/airbrushed to match the truck, and a complete suede interior. If they ever make a tuner for the 2011s I would look into a Procharger D1 or the RIPP vortech kit, but I have a racecar so go fast mods are on the back burner for my truck. Iím also in the process of a full LED/HID conversion on my fatherís truck, but thatís for a different post 

All in all Iím glad I stuck with the RamForumZ. This is by far the nicest and friendliest forum Iíve been on regardless of the topic and I plan on being here for a long long time. See you on the boards guys!

As far as the picture goes... I ran out of daylight before i could get a pic with my truck today, it is on the schedule for lunch time tomorrow though. Until then i did an AMAZING paint rendering of my in front of Snow White... Its pretty gruesome though... be ready
Nice - we have a few channels to get a Diablosport predator in your 2011 - When your ready let us know

Look at the main forum banner - The Silver 4th Gen jumping through the air Yep that's our shop rig!

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