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Lol, shim the bad lifters not oil pump. Seems a simple 15 min job to me. With the lifter out you should be able to see how far recessed it is and judge thickness. Try it, you can't hurt anything especially idling if you start at 30 to 50 thousanths shim. If it's too tight tbe engine will just idle rough...have faith. Even if you did it to a good lifter it would just make it colapse that much...won't hurt anything...seriously! I only say high volume oil pump because thats the solution to weak lfters. I know this from hands on experience adjusting lifters and up to 110 lb oil pumps...yes 110 lbs! Never had to shim any lifter but I know adjusting both solid and hydraulic lifters very well. If you put a 50 thous shim under one it will just collapse that much. If you try it you will at leat elimiate the possible cause of the noise. After reading several topics, these 2002 lifters seem to be the culprit...good luck...I feel for you, lol!
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