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Originally Posted by huntergreen View Post
first this is true, when i say after market, to be clear, i am talking about parts that alter the original design, ie lift kit, changes the geometry. as for the radio in the jeep, should it still have been covered, absolutely, but it would be cheaper to pay for a new one than to fight chrysler.
Comparing Jeep lifts and oil changes is interesting but completely irrelevant. First a lift kit changes a vehicles suspension in a way that voids at least part of a warranty and the owner knows that going in; we're discussing maintenance here. As for the radio I have no idea but I also have no information. The only reason I could see a change in suspension affecting the warranty on a radio is the "intended use" clause in a warranty. If you use a vehicle for uses not intended then the dealer can void your warranty.

Originally Posted by huntergreen View Post
as for the amsoil, i would hate for some one to read about amsoil, think they can use it in a brand new truck, leave it in for 25000 miles or a year, and think there warranty is intact. thats why amsoil offers a warranty on their products, they know mfg warranty is gone if you don't follow mfg minimum maintainence. there is a big difference between your perception in how things should be vs how the real world works.
If you don't like Amsoil that's fine but at this point you are making claims that are untrue and it's obvious you don't know what your talking about. Again your comparisons of suspension changes and oil changes simply are not valid!

Warranty claims are payed or denied based on failure analysis. For a lubricant to void a warranty it must be shown to be directly responsible for the failure. Simply if the oil didn't cause the failure the warranty is not voided regardless of brand or length of time in use. That is the law. Even if you use cheap store brand oil; if the oil is still in good shape the warranty is still valid. Now if your oil is fried and your engine fails that's different, but that is on the owner.

As for the Amsoil warranty it covers an engine failure that can be directly traced to using Amsoil products in a sound engine. It does not replace a manufactures warranty and it a requires that the oil be in good shape and have caused the failure.

The common thread there is the vehicle owner and their responsibility. Whether you use extended drain oil or the store brand at you local supermarket you have a responsibility to make sure the oil in your car or truck is in good shape and at the proper level. Not doing that could definitely void you warranty. Extended drain oil is not a dump in and ignore it for a year product; it requires maintenance. That maintenance is less and cheaper than frequent oil changes but there is some responsibility.

So if you don't like Amsoil fine but please don't make claims, for which you have no proof, other than anecdotal stories of incidents that are not comparable to the subject.

Disclaimer: I'm getting old and my opinions will reflect that fact!
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