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Default thrill ride

I have a 2010 ram with 50k miles on it and just got a wake up call. I drive from Memphis to Arab AL twice a week. I took monday off to take my truck in to get a good once over.
While running with rush hour traffic, i took my foot off the gas, heard a loud whine, then kablam!!! The rear of the truck locked up and kicked me dead sideways, luckily I had just gotten into a gap between traffic. Nothing like having a full size crew cab truck sliding sideways on an interstate in the middle of traffic. I managed to get the truck straightened up and as it was about to slide around the other way I heard the rear end explode and the rear wheels freed up and i got off the side of the road.
Kudos to the drivers behind me, cars and the 2 18 wheelers that were able to avoid T boning me as I went on this wonder ride. I climbed out the passenger door and called my dealer, they hooked me up with roadside and an hour later!!! with rush hour traffic just missing my truck by inches, I got to my dealer.
They have yet to get it on the rack to look at it. I did crawl under it in the lot.

Drive shaft fell off. The pinion apparently came loose, I can see it inside the differential and all the threads are present. The drive shaft is beat all up, you can see where it hung on the frame when the truck went sideways. The front of the dif looks cracked, the pinion is inside the dif wedged against everything. The trans seams to be leaking fluid as well, cracked?????

This is a major safety issue!!!! First mine is not the only ram this has happened to. My dealer has had 1 other in for the same issue, and another for no oil in the rear diff.

I'm a Dodge man, but this has got me pissed off. Doing a little research on the net will provide others stories of drive shafts coming loose.

If you haven't yet I would get my truck to the dealer and have it checked.

Its just a matter of time before this seriously hurts or kills someone. I have many moons of driving experience under my belt and was able to keep the truck from splattering. Call it skill, luck, whatever, but It could've turned out very badly.
I cannot believe that Mamma Mopar has not addressed this issue!!
If I can figure it out I will post pics.
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