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That is pretty impressive for a fairly stock Express,
Get some smaller, lighter drag radials on 17" wheels will get you even better results. High 13's for sure.
I dropped half a second when I went to 28" tall 295/45R17 drag radials on my 10' RCSB 4x4 with 3.55's

Originally Posted by roo View Post
Awesome! So much for 3.55's not gettin it done, very impressive mph! I think the time spent in 2nd and 3rd gear with the 3.55's are much better than the R/T pulling the top end of the 1/4 in 4th. To much rpm drop from 3rd to 4th.
There's no way an R/T is getting into 4th gear before the end of a quarter. (under full throttle with full size tires)
It might be about 500 RPM higher than the same truck with 3.55's, but both would still be in 3rd gear.

I've got friend with an R/T who dropped 3 tenths when he swapped his stock 275/60R20's to smaller 28" drag radials,
his effective gear ratio dropped to 4.83:1 and was not hitting 4th gear.

I've run my heavy 305/50R20 Terra Grappler's, stock 20's with 3.55's and got 14.4's (at 2500'+ DA)
But my best run on 28" Drag Radials drops my effective gear ratio to about 4.30:1 and I can pull 13.9's all day long, and never see 4th gear.
(rev's are just shy of 4700 RPM in 3rd gear going through the traps at 98 mph.)

another tip to get your 60' times down, a 2800 stall Edge Torque Converter ($500)
Mine hits 3000 rpm at launch and my heavy ass 4x4 is pulling 1.8's now. (was 2.1's and 2.2's with stock verter)

I'm going to swap in some 4.56's soon, and might be hitting 4th right at the line on my DR's (3rd will be at 5900rpm at the traps)

Optimum rearend ratio calculator:


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