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Originally Posted by snrusnak View Post

It sounds like you have talked yourself into 4.56 though.
What I'm asking for, in the "Drag Racing" section,
is performance experience/opinions from those who HAVE raced with 4.56's.
...not what gear would be more streetable.

chefred, kay-9, Randtx ? are you guys around still?
or is my question is better suited to hardcore racers at NADodge.

Yes I want to run 4.56's, why? I've done it before on other vehicles I've owned,
and because there are already many Ram's running 3.92's,
So are 4.10's going to be a significant advantage over them?, for $3000+? Hell no!

If I'm going to "upgrade", I want to pick up as much RPM as possible for the $ without going over right?, if 5900 rpm costs the same as 5300rpm, why would I waste my time and money by settling for less?

I could have upgraded my torque converter from 2300 to a stock R/T 2600
but chose to go one step further for a reason, and now I can bury them off the line with a 2800-3000 stall.

Why not do the same when it comes to re-gearing???

[edit note]...just for the record, I have only 12k miles on my 2 y/o Ram
and have 3 other vehicles to drive, all for different needs/requirements.

only requirement for this truck is to be FAST, all the time!
I run a performance tune and 94 octane all year round, 4WD in the Winter
and drive the hell out of it always...lucky to see 10MPG and I dont care

Murdered.. Lowered.. Alcohol Injected ..Blowered! 500WHP

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