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C Jones
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Oh my goodness....I'm about to piss off the forum. Gentlemen, I've run performance vehicles, and the CAI only makes a difference when you're looking for more dense air to push thru a throttle bosy...usually with a turbo which needs the cooler and more dense air to produce the horses and reduce the detonation factor needed to propel the car to a higher level of performance. Do a run in the morning with cooler and more dense air, and you get better times in the speed trap\. Increase the size of the throttle body in conjunction with the CAI factoring in some engine performance data, and depending uipon the setup of your engine, you just MIGHT get some better times. Most of this aftermarket stuff is fluff. There are so many folks out there just itching to add on a doo-dad that the marketing divison makes some totally unsupported claim about. We all want a bigger, faster, more efficient, gas efficient roadster than the other fellow that we're all on the hunt for everything from a light bulb to a CAI, throttle body, bigger wheels, or other doo-dad that will allow us to out perform the other guy. When I ran Porsches, I actually went back to the FACTORY air filter...proved to be better than the other after market maufacturer....won't say the name, but it's a BIG competitor. I did this after quite a bit of research and not just on a whim.

Believe me or call BS on the whole thread....but do your own research before you bank on the propaganda of the retailers. Now for a's not all BS, but some of it is .....let's say....stretched a bit.

Drive safely.....Cj

In this case, we're dealing with a UTILITY vehicle....designed to pull trailers, haul lumber, sandbagas, or simplly act as a daily driver. CAI's and mufflers do little or nothing to do anything for your performance except give you a more throaty sounding vehicle. To some, that equates to faster, better, more efficient. Why do you see so many Abarth mufflers on Subarus, Hondas, andd other imports? Because they equate sound to performance. The better the souind, the faster it goes??? Guys, we're not dealing with the sound barrier, we're dealing with actual data produced by th stats taken off dyno...not the propanda written up by a CAI manufacturer who claims an increase of 20 horses or XX torque.

I simply ask you to request the dyno specs from these people who make these exhorbinant claims. Where's the beef? Where do you get a 6 mph increase in the overall mileage figures of a tank of gas? (sorry. there's no spell check in this program, but I think you get the idea)

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