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Originally Posted by pagan View Post
beautiful truck. i love the overhead console. did you have to replace the headliner or did you cut the original to fit the overhead console? i really want to do that mod. where does it plug into? does it also have that greenish map light? please more info, ive never seen that mod before.
I scored the overhead console on ebay with the bracket for 100 bucks, you have to remove the driver side sunvisor and clip, and the passenger side clip. Take off the drivers side pillar and the headliner will come down far enough to get the console bracket in there. Non-overhead console trucks have plastic spacers under the sunvisor clips, so remove them and toss. I then cut a small hole and ran my wiring thru it where the console is going. The switched dome light wires are in the pillar + -, but you need a positive constant for the homelink and map lights to function with the door closed. I made my own harness for this. There is a white/green striped linbus wire on the homelink, but its for the lighting at night of the homelink. I left that and the green led light disconnected, as I did not want the light shining down anyways. Just make sure you have everything wired correctly and then just button up the healiner with the bracket in there, the spacers are replaced by the bracket mounts. Then you can carefully cut around the bracket and keep test fitting the console until the headliner is cut perfect and the console fits correctly. Headliner is foam and cardboard and cuts easy with a sparp razorknife. Overall an easy job, and wont void any warrantys. You can hook up the homelink linbus and have the dealer install the homelink sales code, so it shows on the evic, but it still works with just a positive and a negative, it just will not display the programming on the evic...There are no lights on the homelink buttons, only the ones the light up at night...good luck
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