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OK, I missed the ATT part. So the way this works is that the PB will be downloaded each time that you get into the vehicle. Uconnect does this in case you have deleted or added contacts while away from the vehicle. It will then compare the stored file with the new file and if there are changes, then UC will toss the old and store the new.
Now, I am still a bit confused about where you say that the process for DLing the PB. Did you press the VR button and say "set up, phone book, download" and then the error message was said by the UC? If so then this would be a correct statement. The phone does not support down loading the PB from the SIM card.
The way it works with a SIM card phone (ATT & t Mobile) is that when you do the initial pairing of the phone and then the request to DL your PB shows on the phone, you select "always" & "accept or OK" then Uconnect will look at the local phonebook on the phone. If there is less than 20 contacts on the local PB, then Uconnect will look at the SIM card for contacts. If there are contacts on the SIM, then those will be downloaded only (the local contacts will not be DLed).
If there are no contacts on the SIM card, then Uconnect will DL what ever is on the local PB.
Now lets say that you have 12 contacts on the local PB and 25 on the SIM card, only the SIM will be DLed. In order to have the local contacts DLed, then you need to copy them to the SIM card.

Now for the contacts with the FAX #'s, I would look into the phones contact list to see how the numbers are stored into the phone.
Also the album artwork comes from a stored Grace notes library on the radio. Uconnect does not support incoming pictures or email.

Originally Posted by Miami Son View Post
As I said, I'm on AT$T. When I first paired the phone with the truck there was a process for downloading the PB that when I tried to follow it I was given a "Phone not compatible" error message. That's when I checked the website and saw my phone was not on the list. Strange thing is yesterday I tried to access the PB in the truck and it worked just fine, so I guess it is actually working as it should. One issue I do have is that if I have a contact with a Home Fax or Work Fax entry and I say "call so-and-so at Home or Work" it will dial the Home or Work Fax number instead of the Home or Work number.

Since the 430N is capable of displaying album artwork for CDs and digital music files should it not also display photos on incoming calls for contacts that have them? That would be a nice feature!
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