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Originally Posted by wbowyer View Post
RAM is working on a "permanent fix" for the TC, as the issue is "the converter becoming unbalanced" which leads to the vibration. Once this "permanent fix" is completed there will be a general recall issued....
Let me correct a bit of misinformation. There already is a "permanent fix" for the T/C noise. That is the 2012 MY converter (which is a new design). So the 2012 models do not exhibit this issue.

The problem (with 2011s) is not unbalance; it is too much backlash in the spline between the TCC damper and the turbine hub. The spline backlash will naturally vary from part to part, due to manufacturing tolerances. Converters on the high end of backlash can exhibit the noise. Also, the backlash will tend to increase slightly as the spline gets worn in, so a brand new converter (with no noise) may start to make noise after a few thousand miles. But, the noise should not get worse, once the spline teeth are worn in, so I would not expect continued degradation.

The fix (for 2011 models) is a converter with a tighter (actually, slight press fit) turbine hub spline. The fix (for 2012 MY) is a new converter design which eliminates the spline altogether (it uses a riveted connection). We can't use the 2012 converters in 2011 vehicles, because they have a slightly different performance curve, so they are not certified (emissions-wise) for use in 2011 models.
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