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So I finally got everything switched out. Guess those shackles are common for siezing to the brackets. I guess that really dont suprise me considering they have the metal sleeve inside them. Once I got the rear out which was no problem I was stuck on the leafsprings for a day or two, I aint gonna lie, but using basic hand tools was a adventure. All I did was used two ratchet straps, 50ft or so of rope, a tree and a good ol cut off wheel. With the springs outta the way, one strap hooked to the shackle connected to the front hanger and pulled it all the way forward, the other held it down, cut into it as far as i could then tied a rope to a tree and pulled it backwards, tied it down and finished cuttin through it. A torch would have worked so much better and faster but didnt have one or know anyone with one. On the drivers side it was a little more fun because the front bolt is just a hair to long to due to the gas tank being in the way. So either drop the tank or cut like 1/8 inch off the end of that bolt to avoid doing all the pryin and beatin that I did.

Now this is where it gets confusing to me, to a point. Keep in mind that rearend and leeafsprings that went back under my truck was outta a 98 sst that was "supposedly supercharged", now when I got the setup the shackles where a good 2-3 inches taller then my orginals, the diff had a adapter plug on it that plugged into the speed sensor, the springs seemed like they weighed a good 20lbs more then mine. I can kinda understand to a point that Dodge may have changed/upgraded wiring, the original owner may have done a suspension mod. but mine dont sit any different, but now can anyone tell me why my ABS and brake light is on. abs light comes on after bout 30 secs of drivinand stays on until I shut it off. I wrecked the back of mine, he wrecked the front of his. I have changed out both plugs, checked fuses, disconnected the battery. I can understand if the park brake needs to be adjusted and that is causing the idiots lights to be on or is it just a matter of takin it to Dodge and having the computer reset?

I know its long winded but I figured 94-01 were all the same. And if anyone has to do something like this maybe it could save them time and money by doing it themselves.
So any advice on these few problems I still have a greatful. thanks
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