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Originally Posted by Q23 View Post
^^^ yes but you my friend have the advantage of being a 2010 that can do more mods then us the the 2011s and up

RadioFlyer- If i only had a 60k warranty like the Fords do then i really wouldnt give a rats A$$ about voiding my engines warranty. If my motor cant last 60k with a simple tuner mod then i need a new vehicle all together... im not talking about max out a boost or anything but a couple more lbs shouldnt do damage to it.
Talking about it is easier said than done...I felt the same way when I first got mine. But as time passed I changed my mind. At the same time, for each his depends on how hungry the owner is for speed and winning and or how wealthy the person is. The vast majority of eb owners are midle aged on up and didn't purchase it to race. So I would think that only the young dumb and full of more dumb would do something stupid like that, lol. If I were to buy a Ford with the best of both worlds it would be a 5.0 or even better a 6.2 because I could not live with the exhaust sound of an eb. One last thing before I go, did you purchase an extended warranty? Plz correct me if I'm wrong, but all you should have is a 36/100 but not sure. I have an 09 with a 36/lifetime (limited) so I'm not sure of the others. Point is, anybody who did purchase an extended warranty is not going to risk loosing it. My freinds name is on 90% of the Fords in this town, yet even he is concerned about the warranty on the one he purchased for his son. His son told me that he is afraid to mod his wheels without risking voiding his warranty. I could never purchase one...I couldn't deal with it.
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