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Default Towing with a 3500 Longhorn - Need Quick Advice Please deal and my marriage pending

I have a 2011 3500 Laramie Longhorn 4x4 SRW SB 6.7 Cummins, 3.73 diff.

I traded my 08 Ram 1500 SLT and bought this truck hoping to pull a retirement trailer but now I'm running into a confused state and become extremely frustrated!!! Specs!!! I knew I wouldn't be able to pull a luxury Park Model but one would think an 10-11000lb Big Horn or a Montana or a 12000lb Brookstone would not be a problem.

The trailer I'm looking at is a 2009 Big Horn 3670 5th Wheel...
Dry weight 10820lbs
Pin Weight 2096lbs
Gross Maxium Weight 15000lbs (This is what axles are rated to carry and I will never hit)

I start to run the math

Longhorn GVWR 10100lbs
Curb/Base Weight 7407lbs (I don't think this includes a full tank of fuel)
Payload 2690lbs
Max Tow Cap - 13450lbs
GCWR 21000lbs

Everything looks good, Dry weight of the 5th wheel leaves 2630lbs room to the max towing cap. Room for the Generator(500lbs), Sat Dish (150lbs) and Washer and dryer (another 250lbs conservative)


now we add 500lbs for passengers, snacks, grandkids and grand dogs in the truck, throw on that 250lbs for the washer and dryer my wife wants installed (which sits almost on top of the pin) in the trailer and poof, I'm over on the payload. On top of this I still haven't added 125 liters of fuel.

2096+500+250+175 (for the hitch) and subtract 150(for the passenger/driver already included)=2871lbs + fuel of payload sitting on the box and through the truck,

I'm still under for GCWR and max towing rate (I believe).

The other thing is base weight + Payload puts me over the GVWR of the truck.

2871+7407=10278lbs-150 (for the passenger/driver already included) + Fuel

I run into this same scenerio for almost every 5th wheel I look at.

Most of the units we would consider buying run between 10000 and 14000lbs dry with pin weights running between 1900 and 2300lbs. All are too heavy if you do the math.

Everyone I talk to assures me that the truck can take these type of loads and think I'm over analyzing the situation,

but is it legal and is it safe to tow like this??

What if I blow a tranny, will it be covered by warranty?

Did I buy the wrong truck? I think I would have bought the dually had I known I was going to lose half my towing capability.. but more on this later.

Anyway, what really irks me is that before I bought the truck, sales reps were all over me like a dirty shirt assuring me I could pull just about anything on a RV lot. I got the same thing from the RV Dealerships and proceeded with the deal.

Now that I'm seriously looking to buy the 5th Wheel, the RV sales reps all look at me now like I have 2 heads when I tell them I can't pull a unit, that it is too heavy; that the truck is only rated for a 13450lb max trailer capacity; At least until I pull up the towing chart I got from the RAM website. After they examine the chart, they just walk away shaking their heads, muttering, "I don't believe that, I've got people pulling these with 3/4 tons".

Just yesterday I saw a 3500 SRW Chev pulling a 16000lb Toyhauler loaded to the gills. The owner says he doesn't even notice the weight and I'm sure that most of you will tell me that my Longhorn would do the same, but I'm throwing this out to you experts who are pulling these big units so you can show me where my logic is flawed and reassure me that I won't have to unhitch my trailer and leave it somewhere because i'm illegal and most of all that it is SAFE to pull these types of units.

This is long winded and I apologize, but I need the piece of mind. I lost my parents to an accident and I don't want wife and I to be taken out by having a 5th Wheel pin come through the truck for us. And I definitely do not want to take anyone else out by having the 5th wheel jump off the truck.

The last thing, and this really confuses the heck out of me. Look at the specs on the new 2012 Longhorn 4x4, SRW and Duallies. These don't make sense to me at all. (Taken from (
Figures converted from Kilograms on site to pounds multiplying by 2.2)

SWR 149.5 DRW 169.5 DRW160.5

Curb 7392 7939.8 8021.2
GVWR 10078.2 12273.8 10478.6
Payld 2884.2 4331.8 2455.6
TowCap 13422.2 12872.2 12773.2

What I read here is that the SRW unit has a smaller payload but a greater towing capacity than its dually brothers. Coming from the official Canadian Ram Website it MUST be right. Right??

ARG!!! Confusion, my head, my head ...

The only tow experience I have right now is that I received in the military where you jumped into a 5/4 ton or duece and a half, locked up to the heaviest trailer you could find, dragged it 300 kms to a training area then bounced around the field with it for a few weeks playing cowboys and indians...

Please help and enlighten me!!!

Kindest regard,

Pte Jack
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