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Sorry about the long wait guys, went on vacation this week to visit my family in Alabama. Luckily all of my uncles are mechanics at the International paper mill in Selma AL and wanted to help out. Caution! if you attempt this save the rear black honeycomb, on mine its what attaches the grille! Disconnect the honeycomb, dremel tool out the cross (I highly recommend the dremel and not the sawzall), file down the excess cross left to have a smooth finish. When I made the grille I modeled it after the paramount grille (six threads on the bottom, eight on top and two on each side). Connect the 8 90's to the top, 2 long 70's in the top corners, and short 70's on the bottom and bottom corners with A LOT of slack! Place the grille in the now open shell with someone conforming the grille to the shell and mark where you need to drill your holes with a sharpie. Once you've drilled your holes screw in the screws attached to the shell first then tighten down the screws attached to the grille. You may need to make slight adjustments once it is all together, don't worry the paramount and ebay grilles both have elongated holes in the brackets to make modifications. Then attach the rear honeycomb screen making sure all outer clamps attach and viola! You're ready to put on your new grille. It took me about 3-4 hrs to perfect it but it should be quicker on a bought one. Hope this helps to anyone who wants to amp up their front end!
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