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I really appreciate your response Mark, I think you made the RIGHT choice by going with the dually off the bat. I also think you are going to love your truck.

I have to agree with you about the ride of the Longhorn. Sorry, I do not like Fords; never have and Chevy Trucks make me road sick, for some reason it feels like the rear end of the chevy is fighting the front end and there is a tug-of-war effect happening. Their trucks have always felt like this to me, especially the 4x4s.

The Longhorn drives and rides like a tour car (with a light back end in slick conditions. Be carefull of that.)

I'm sure your Longhorn's fuel economy will improve as it is broke in. Even at 14,000KMs (just under 10,000 miles) I am noticing an improvement, both city and hiway, from when I took it off the lot.

Unfortunately, no I am not an engineer or I'd be working to spec modifications required for the truck I already have in order to get it recertified. I've been to a couple of spring shops and have been told, "yes, you can increase capacities of your truck, but you can not change the ratings without having the mods engineered. Modifications must be mathematically proven by an engineer to ensure they meet safety requirements of the new rating being sought." (As discussed earlier in the thread.) I was also told by these spring shops that it would be cheaper to just buy a dually than to even attempt this. So, I run back to the logic, if the truck is spec'd and your load is already at the max you can legally haul, why modify?? You can't add more weight legally anyway.

Airbags or timbrens (I think they are called) to stablize the load yes; springs to add capacity, no.

One would think that with the amount of vehicles out there that someone would have had this done, somewhere; after all, there are converted Dodge 3500 "Haulers" out there, these are modded vehicles engineered to pull 5th wheels, are they not? Surely the specs are aready out there somewhere.

As for the advertised "brochure" pin rate on a 5th wheel being the max the pin can carry, I am learning from 5th wheel owners and RV dealerships that is is not the case. I am being told that the brochure weight is the actual dry weight of the pin when the unit sits on the hitch plate and the unit is dry.

As you add weight to the trailer, the pin weight will flucuate up or down dependent on where you place the load in relation to the trailer wheels. (Normal teeter-totter effect applies here.)

ALSO the logic from my second scenario calulation is NOT the way trailer weights work, the weight of the towed vehicle is a constant. There is no transfer of weight from the trailer to the tow vehicle through connecting to the pin. If the weight of your trailer is 10820lbs, the pin weight is 2065 and your hitch point properly set up and configured, when you tag up the pin weight of the 2065lb will press on the truck but it is not subtracted in any way, shape or form from the weight of the trailer. The weight of the trailer will remain at 10820lbs on the trailer axles. (Confirmed by the RV Dealership; so much for my perception of simple physics.)

I have now taken this situation to the next higher level, the sales manager and his heavy truck adviser of my dealership are agog by this. At first it I got the two headed look as I tried to explain the situation, until I challenged it with the mathematics of my first calculation. They are now unsure of the printed specs of their brouchures and are presently calling Dodge to confirm my logic.

That being said, if you do the math on the current specs I have found for SRW SB 1 tons, doesn't matter what make, every SRW SB 1 ton out there pulling a standard 5th wheel with a pin weight over 1800lb could be over its payload and gross vehicle weight restriction, some maybe drastically; In My Own Humble Opinion anyway....(my gawd, what about SRW SB 2500s pulling these type of units???)

Still, after talking with the sales manager and seeing the stunned look on his face, I do feel as if I have now been heard. I am anxious to hear what Dodge has to say about this and will let this thread know the results of the dealership's query as soon as I know.

With kindest regard,

Pte Jack

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