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Originally Posted by dirtsurferus View Post
i have the same transmission and 133k miles. mine did the same thing but i replaced the solenoid and it worked for about a week then going down the highway came to a stop light and wouldn't shift out of 1st. the check engine light came on and the code was P1757. the probable cause was internal trans failure or short in the wiring. i'm taking it to aamco tomorrow to see if they can do the free check thing.

Literally the EXACT same thing happened as described above. changed the fluid and filter and then it stopped shifting. when i changed it the first time the fluid was blacker than my oil honestly...and there were a lot of shavings. it stopped shifting so i changed it again and this time changed the governor solenoid and speed sensor and it worked for about a week before it stopped again.

the abs light came on and the brake light won't go off and the speedo won't work below 20 so i think the PCM needs flashed or TCM replaced. sound right? i'm just guessing from what i read above.
Did you start having this problem "after" you changed Filter/Fluid or before?

Mine started to take a couple seconds longer to engage over a few day period, then had it all loaded up and was going camping, stopped at the grocery store, bought some food and ready to leave town, fired it up & it wouldn't engage in DRIVE.. You can imagine the words that I used to express my frustration. lol.. After about 20 mins, sitting in DRIVE it finally engaged & I drove it home. Let it sit til a couple days ago. Changed Filter/Fluid still same issue.

Fluid was a nasty Black like you explain. The magnet was COVERED, But I did not see any large chunks of metal or anything else. So my next plan of action is Flush and Fluid/Filter change. Remove Check-Valve, adjust bands etc..

Then if that's a No-Go then I'll try the Reflash Route. I really hate taking anything to a shop let alone the Dealer! lol. I've never taken ANY vehicle to a shop, done everything myself, My Dad was a Mechanic so I was lucky enough to have him make me do it all myself & learn, rather than him or a shop do it for me! lol
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