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Originally Posted by Blackthunder View Post

I'm the OP and my truck to this day still does it. I've never taken the truck in for this reason and has never gotten worse. In fact, with the warmer weather, the in-gear ticking is less audible. But, yes, I agree with you, it is annoying and like you, never had any of my other vehicles do this.

It's weird that the ticking occurs when truck is in gear though. Makes you wonder if it is transmission related. I have heard of other owners with the same symptoms (in gear only) and never heard of a diagnosis as of yet.

I would bring mine in for a fix if there where one, but I am not about to take the truck in only to get it back with dealer saying they couldn't find anything wrong. Besides, if I brought the truck in for every noise I heard, clunk, squeak, or rattle, the truck would be at the dealership every other week.

In my case, I purchased the extended warranty so if something blows up in the near future, I'll let Chrysler pay the bill.

In answer to your question: It's up to you if you should bring the truck in. If it bothers you to a point your thinking about it too much and you have the time, take it in. But, as I said earlier, mine has been doing it for over a year now and has never gotten worse and with summer coming it will be less audible for sure.
Thanks for replying Blackthunder. I agree, its more of an embarrassing thing to explain to others than a real bother to me. Even though it does it once you drop it in gear, I don't feel its transmission related. More so it puts the engine under load so it starts to tick.
It does go away in minutes and I hope its not that bad in the winter. I got my truck in February and didn't have too many cold nights.
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