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Originally Posted by Gantman View Post
Wow, man thanks for the wake up call for some of us brokenutz. Hahaha! I guess I'll keep saving for it then. Appreciate ya speakin info bud. By the way what d'ya think of this upper control arm by Michigan Metal Works for $499? They are produced from HD .750 plate flat steel, and fully TIG welded. The arms feature a 1" Spherical bearing as well as new poly bushings and bolt sleeves. Each pair of arms come with everything needed to install them on our Ram trucks, and solve the stock control arm problem with contacting the coilover spring pocket. They come with a lifetime guarantee and they say are made to take a beating!!!! Your professional opinion man?
That looks well made. I would definitely trust it in the dirt, but I wouldn't jump on it. Reason being is that without a reinforced chassis and significantly built suspension, the weight of that truck will just tear your front end apart at a high rate of speed.

Originally Posted by SS4Luck View Post
4x4 here, and all the new knuckles Ive seen dont push the front end out really. I enjoy the look of trucks that have mid/long travel arms w/ coilovers, like I plan on doing.

And if i remember right, the RamRunner kit comes with arms that do it the RIGHT way and stick the tires out farther via control arms not spindles

Find me Deavers for a 4th gen...

You can build a very capable on and offroad truck that 99% of people can use to THEIR fullest abilities without anywhere near maxing out the truck without coilovers and cages and pneumatic bump stops and all that shit. Id bet 9/10 people on this forum couldnt drive the RamRunner to its fullest abilities offroad anyway!
I think you missed the point of my post. The Ramrunner was designed to compete with the Raptor. The Raptor was built for the desert crowd, most people don't realize that. It isn't a go slow 4x4 mud truck. On the flip side, it is NOT a race truck, it is simply a pickup with improved capabilities.

There is no point in wasting your money on either one of them. Everything you see can be fabricated for less money, and be the "real thing." The Raptor and Ramrunner EMULATE the "real thing", however the performance is far from. A Raptor cycles about 11 inches in the front. My 01 Ram cycles 8" from the factory. My Race truck cycles 19" in the front and 24" in the rear. See where I am going here?

Give me $8,000 and a Ranger and I can build you a competitive race truck. Give me $8,000 and a Ram, and I can build you some decent front suspension and that's about it. Full size = full size pricetag.

The Ramrunner and Raptor are slightly modified factory trucks, nothing more.

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