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Originally Posted by MADDOG View Post
Mostly the problems are due to users who think they know what they are doing when setting shift points at WOT. They are trying to shift as close to, or above, redline.

What they don't realize is that by the time the transmission control module makes the gear change, they are up against the rev limiter and the engine is cutting out...creating multiple, high level torque shocks to the transmission and maxing out line pressures.

The best way to set shift points at WOT with a Predator is to be at least 200 RPM below redline, then test. If you are still hitting the rev limiter, back off in 50 rpm increments. The reason it hits the limiter is that it takes a second or two for the TCM to signal a shift and by then, with the shift point set too close to the rev limit, it's already past redline before it shifts. Ya gotta give it a little room to work.
That isn't the reason at all, I had a diablo predator and I have an '04 there is no trans support for the '04's. Yet when installed on my truck the transmission started to act up with erratic shifts and would clunk going into drive bad. There had to be something within the way the tuner wrote the tune to the PCM or something in the tune itself. I think Diablo has since fixed the problem and I haven't heard of any trans problems in awhile. But as hemibyrd posted above Superchips is by far the best if you are not in need of custom tuning there trans control is far Superior to anyone else's and will be for along time to come.
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