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I too have not ever seen a significant gain in a mere bulb swap with ANY brand bulb (and I have tried several) in any headlight housing I have used in other vehicles. The only worthwhile headlight mods I have managed were swapping my Jeep headlight housings with Hella e-codes, building a 10ga. wiring harness, dropping in some high wattage bulbs, and then adjusting then per Daniel Stern's instructions. I thought maybe those godly lights just had me spoiled, but no, my Ram headlights are just not very good. And don't get me started on the people who think putting HID bulbs in housings designed for the filament placement of halogen bulbs are a good idea. That is a fools game that looks like a good idea on the surface ("MY GOD! LOOK HOW FAR DOWN THE ROAD I'M LIGHTING UP THOSE OVERHEAD FREEWAY SIGNS!!") but really just result in glare, beam scatter, and dazzled oncoming traffic. Headlights aside, I have zero other complaints about my Ram because before I bought based on its strengths over the others. No truck is the be all, end all perfect truck and there are other little bits here and there that may have suited my needs more, but considered as a TOTAL package, my Laramie crew fits me so much better than anything else available, that i would replace it with the same thing were something to happen to it today.

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