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my email exchange with hemifever :

What is the advantage of having you do these tunes than just getting a jet stage 2 ? If you don't have my vehicle, then your tune may or may not be better than the jet. It's your tune vs theirs. However, I have the option with you to say I want more timing / and or more fuel or less fuel. Maybe you can "sell" me a bit on this.

I have headers and hooker super comp muffler. I also have 5 inch diameter plumbing pipe real ram air that I fabricated coming in through the top of the hood. I hate the phony ram air bullshit these days. Im an older guy and am nauseated by the phony scoops. In addition, the hood is cutout in four places to allow air cooling of the engine. Im running electric fans as well.

What im looking for right now is gas mileage. I'm thinking I can go with some more timing since the timing I can feel on the truck is terribly low. Since super gas is only 20 cents more a gallon, it may pay to go for the timing that is appropriate for the super. I don't know. If greater timing saves me 20 cents a gallon then getting the extra performance is having your cake and eating it too. Afterall, at least if you have the super timing setup, you can get shell vpower additive with their super gas. As far as the fuel, im thinking of moving the air temp sensor off the intake manifold since the computer reading there is always about at least 50 degrees more than what it actually is. If I want more performance, I simply can put the connector on the air temp sensor on the ram air ducting. If I want a leaner gas mileage setup, it goes back to the manifold. I don't want rich all the time. Most of the time im looking for more gas mileage. My ability here to have some flexibility is appealing to me. Maybe a little more fuel with your tune that I can magnify with this concept. Remember, I want the flexiblity to switch between gas mileage and performance.

im located in california so the gas here is 91 octane, SADLY. no east coast 93 octane in ca. !

what is the benefit of me having an sct tuner WITH YOUR TUNE ? It seems like only you can do the tune anyway so once I plug it in, why not have a jet module if I can't to anything with the sct !!! Please fill me in / educate me here.

So there you go with my truck. What do you think ?

thank you,


Jet isn't a "tuner". It's a plug in module that manipulates voltages and skews signal's to fool the pcm. SCT is a programmer. You hook it to the ODB port and program the pcm with all new tablesets. There's no manipulation, the pcm gets a reflash. My 87 octane tune knocks .3 off the 1/4 mile ET of other v10 trucks. A common complaint on the v10 is the constant lock and unlock of the converter while holding a cruise speed and I mostly correct that. It will in turn give a little better mpg. These trucks are too old for mpg guarantees because so much is old and just plain....old lol.

"These trucks are too old for mpg guarantees because so much is old and just plain....old lol."
I don't think thats funny at all. not at all.
I don't know what is plain about the v10 engine. It has a dual plane intake manifold, the 98 + v10 does not have an engine soot generating egr valve like my buick lucerne does !, and it has roller lifters. I spoke with another tuner about the v10 some months ago and he laughed and said "if you want gas mileage, don't get a v10 ! " very funny. Well, I know a guy that had one who told me he was getting 16 mpg highway. I was getting 13 miles per gallon with a significant vaccum leak causing rough idle, 12 year old copper spark plugs that were never changed on a dis ignition engine for 146k miles !!! thermoclutch fan, tailgate up, regular exhaust manifold, regular muffler. Him and I both have 3.54 gears and 285-75-16 tires. ( this was my truck when I bought it used. )When you put it all together with increased timing and the modifications I have indicated, timing, headers, electric fans you push the v10 right into new cummins diesel category on gas mileage. there is a reason why I had started dodge ram club of america and it is because I loved my truck and love dodge rams. It hurts me when professioinals in the business such as yourself insult a truck that was and still is the most powerful production gas powered four wheel drive pickup ever made and it is people like yourself who make such comments that relegate the truck to the future of the junkyard as parts supply dries up. You know, I was the only one who manufactured the crank timing gear installation tool for the engine. I was the only one who supplied discontinued cam plate bolts and throttle body screws. Why people choose to dump on this truck while give respect to the bogus new "hemi" i will never know.
let's not go ahead with any tuning work sean. I don't like you too much anymore. why people in the automotive business have such bad attitudes, I will never know. so my v10 is old and plain. I should post your email on the v10 forums and see what the guys there think of your comment. OLD AND PLAIN. nauseating just nauseating.
I'm not sure where you took that the wrong way, all I'm saying is I can't guarantee mpg gains because the 15 year old vehicles have a lot of worn down parts to state guarantees.
**Note** Hemifever Tuning is shutdown the week of May 26th to Jun 2nd for Vacation

I never asked for a guarantee but you should be giving some type of specifics as to what to expect when you want to be paid. I didn't ask for an exact figure or figures. but..... claims like better and imroved only are scam words. AND to assume owners of v10s haven't put siginificant money into their truck restoring it is downright insulting. for myself for instance, every single sensor has been changed on my truck from front to back. In addition, parts wear down in reference to mileage. 15 year old vehicles dont have worn down parts by themselves. now if i pulled a 72 buick out of a barn i agree with you. but a 14 or 15 year old truck ? you must be kidding.

robert malek
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