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Originally Posted by sonocativo View Post
Well the can says so much in the gas, so much in the vacumm line and so much in the oil.... but thats stretching it a long way, I usually put almost 3/4 can in the gas and whats left in the vacumme line, then I put a small can in the oil ( you can buy seafoam in small and large cans but the large can isnt all that big anyway ) But for a big motor as our 360's I put a whole small can in and run a few days, If I was going to change it the same day I might put a large can in but I dont want to ruin a bearing or anything just want to clean the sludge out of the block and carbon off the pistons/valves/intake... If using a full large can I would change it the same day after running it awhile to clean it up... if using a small can you can run a few days to circulate and let it work its wonder, I wouldnt trust running a full big can in it more than a couple hours as it will thin the oil not to forget the crap that gets broke loose and floating in there ( the oil filter will catch most of the crud so it could clog as well ) after about 2 seafoam flushes the block will be pretty clean, then a regular flush with seafoam every once in awhile will keep it in tip top shape. There are other products out there that does the same thing it just depends on what you want to spend.

Years ago ( 40's, 50's, 60's ) guys used to add trans fluid to the oil as the high detergent will clean the blocks as well... I havent researched it but I have heard alot of old car guys at car shows talk of this... myself, I wouldnt, especially on newer cars as they arent made like those cast iron beasts back in the days.

Wait a minute...Are you guys saying it's actually safe to pour some SeaFoam (my buddy recommended this to me for the gas tank) into the actual crank case where I'd normally put a quart of oi, and then actully start and drive the engine for a day or two?
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