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I'm bout ready to pull the trigger on this pending input from SS4Luck and Philpott50:

Originally Posted by philpott50 View Post
From DDM this kit includes the lights and ballast. You will need to buy the rellay harness seperate. That is what will keep your truck from thinking there is a bulb out. I also bought the mounting brackets. Sorry for the late reply.
What relay harness is needed? I called DDM and they said that a Dodge is damn near impossible to get to work correctly. Referred me to this article on their website:,2

"High/Low HID Kits installed on Dodge Rams may present with flickering on the low beams and, to a much lower frequency, with flickering on the high beams. The flickering may ultimately result in the HIDs turning off. In most cases, it's possible to correct this flickering (and turning off) by installing one of the following components: 4700 uF Capacitor, 100 ohm/25W resistor, 6 ohm/50W resistor, or a 100 ohm/10W resistor. Only one of these components will be necessary. Based on customer input, the Capacitor and the 100 ohm/25W resistor have been most reliable as a solution. Also, the Raptor ballasts tend to be more amenable to these solutions than the DDM Slim ballasts (for reasons that aren't clear to us). Therefore, if the flickering isn't corrected using a resistor or capacitor and the kit has DDM Slim ballasts, you may need to switch to Raptor ballasts. We can set up an exchange for you if the ballasts are in Brand New condition; please contact us for that.

Because the Raptor ballasts are more likely to respond to the Capacitor and Resistors described above, we strongly recommend installing Raptor HID kits in the Dodge Rams.

The Capacitor or Resistor needs to be connected between the ground wire and the trigger wire of the circuit that is affected (generally, the low beam circuit). From a functional standpoint, it doesn't matter if the component is wired into the H/L harness or the stock hiring however, modifying the H/L harness will void the warranty of the harness.

Another option to prevent the flickering is to install a low beam only HID kit. We have taken reports that the low beam only version often (but not always) does not experience the flickering problem.

Special Note for Quad Headlights (separate Low and High Beams): If there is a flickering problem, we have been advised that the Error Code Eliminators Type-3 correct the flickering problem. Based on the information we have received, the 2011 Dodge Ram with the Quad Headlights require the Error Code Eliminators for the Low Beams and may need them for the High Beams. Earlier Dodge Rams with Quad Headlights may not need any Error Code Eliminators.

One Last Note: Some customers have tried all of the above solutions for their Dodge Ram without success so we are unable to promise that your Dodge Ram will accept aftermarket HIDs. For that reason, we advise doing a test installation in such a way that the HID kit is not modified and does not show any signs of installation; that way you can return the HID kit for a refund (please contact us through our Submit a Ticket option on the Support page to request a return for refund)."
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