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Swaggerville Ram will become famous soon enoughSwaggerville Ram will become famous soon enough

Yes you're right I left the hemi badge on. Just like the Eco boost fords still have their badge. Dura max/Allison badges still on GM trucks, cummins badge on the diesel rams. I don't care to go through the work of removing the adhesive afterwards.
As for the numerical denomination, it's just the size. There's only so many different sizes they can pick, especially since the norm is to round to the nearest liter. Toyota also shares the 5.7 badge as well.
Fords new base v8 is a 5.0l and that's no coincidence even though it shares nothing in common with the Windsor version. It's all gamesmanship.
My age has nothing to do with my knowledge, either does yours.

Why would I demand a "real" hemi in your eyes which is actually a 2nd gen hemi, being that it evolved from the actual "real" Chrysler hemi.
The truth is the current hemi stomps the original. That's no joke. The true hemi has no quench pad area, which makes it detenation prone on our super duper modern pump gas. The dual quench pads and dual plugs make an engine very efficient at making power.

However I do agree in part that a larger cubic inch option would be nice, like a 6.1 or 6.4 in the trucks. If not the 1500 then in the HD trucks. The EPA regulations are killing the diesels. Engines cost twice as much, last half as long and get worse fuel economy.
I think there is room for a larger cubic inch gasser, with some "modern" technology thrown at it like DI or 4 valves. The competitors do offer the larger displacement but still don't use much in the way of new methods. In fact I had my fingers in one of the ford 6.2 heads and they really reminded me of Cleveland stuff in many ways. Maybe they'll start badging it a cleveland lol

You keep coming on here demanding respect, talking about others not earning your respect because why? I'm only 32? I can't possibly know anything? I think I've been more than tolerant with some of the ridiculous rants you put forth. Not all of it is B.S, you do have validity with some of what I think you're trying to say. Yes the auto manufacturers are using marketing ploys to sell their product. Some of it is riding coat tails of previous successes, some of it is making up new nomenclature in the first place. Hemi and Boss are perfect examples of both. They were originally just catchy terms to identify their stuff, and have both been used since.
It is what it is.

I like engines. Engines don't care who's name is on the valve cover, who's idea the style of heads are on it, or what size they are. They have strengths and shortcomings.
I like the v10. It was a big time gamble targeting the smallest (and shrinking) market with such an "outside the box" idea. It spawned fords 6.8 which saw some success, and from GM which developed but did not market it.

"I don't care to hear what your ideas are, mine are better"
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