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Originally Posted by robert malek View Post
you can book read all you want and so can hemi lonestar but it can never take the place of BEING THERE.
Being where? Because you were physically alive means you're a default expert on something? Have you ever actually had your hands on one? I have.
How about you, you know nothing about the modern hemi that's for sure. By your logic since youre alive while they are being produced you should be an expert. Theres a lot more to my knowledge than book reading, So who is more ignorant?

Originally Posted by robert malek View Post
you see, to you, a phony hood scoop on a dodge ram looks great. to me... i'm from the era of REAL HOOD SCOOPS.
So you're an expert now on if and what type of hoodscoops I like?
Nice try but your overstepping your psychic ability

Originally Posted by robert malek View Post
knowledge SOMETIMES comes from the experience in living in an era which you can only read about.
Sometimes is right.

Originally Posted by robert malek View Post
lonestar is 38. that means his memory basically starts from 1980 when he was 6. that means he missed the memory of the era, as did you. thats just reality man. i missed the awesome hot rods of the 50's. wish i could have been there. i wasn't. i can read about it all i want. but...... its not the same.

You can look at all the pics you want,B but I saw it. I remember when i was 12 years old and seeing 2 superbirds for sale for 5,000 dollars as a package on a used car lot on sunrise hwy, nassau new york.
i remember seeing the hemis at raceway park , n.j. and the new york auto show, just parked out there like a regular car.
i remember how id look into the six pack hood scoops with awe. guess what. they weren't sealed.
you don't. you can't. that's the difference.
You're right I can't remember a car in new York or new jersey for sale, because of that I know nothing, right?

Originally Posted by robert malek View Post
now, maybe you don't want to peel off any adhesive, but its you with the ridiculous rant when you are silent about the 426 gen 3 engine that is now avail from mopar with 540 hp that IS NOT IN OUR RAMS.
i never said bring back the orig 426 from top to bottom. but.... bring back the 426 with modern technology. which has been done. so why is it sitting on a shelf ?
I'm silent about a 540hp engine in our rams for a reason. It serves no purpose for me and 99% of the other truck owners. The 6.4 (392) is already in the srt 8 cars, makes lots of power. I think it's where it belongs.

Originally Posted by robert malek View Post
i don't demand respect but when hemifever calls v10 rams old and plain cause they are old which also means your hemis are old too from early 2003, etc. i put him in his place.
You do demand respect. You have yet to show any respect to anyone on here
The v10's have not been produced in almost 10 years, and have seen zero in the way of innovation since they came out 10 years earlier than that. They are old by industry standards especially from an electrical standpoint.

Originally Posted by robert malek View Post
i never said a word to anyone here.
then... lonestar and his crony refer to me a tempermental faggot and you with your insults too.
i don't demand anything but expect to be treated with the same respect i have given all you guys.
i never said the hemi was bogus to any of you. i said it to hemifever. then you guys nailed me. am i supposed to be a tempermental faggot, lay down and get beat up ? i don't think so.
Well You are temperamental clearly since you got all bent out of shape about the v10 being old. As to what others said to you, that has nothing to do with me. As to what I said. Well it's true. The way you come across to others is what's causing your forum related problems. At least what I've seen. Maybe it's a problem of the keyboard persona as I like to call it, people don't always type the way they talk, and with no way of knowing expressions things can be misconstrued.

Originally Posted by robert malek View Post
did i go to your hemi forum and say the hemi was bogus ? no. sorry if what i said to hemifever offended anyone in respect to your hemis.
No you came HERE and said it, and the v10 were bogus

Originally Posted by robert malek View Post
however, at least i was 100% correct that hemifever does not do the kind of tune you guys deserve. he does not take the time to get to know your exact vehicle and what conditions it is to be driven. i tried to bring this to everyones attention. maybe that could have been appreciated or respected.
You are not correct about hemifever. If you bothered to read( I know it's not your thing to read) posts you would see how wrong you are. Gives a tune, the logs data and adjusts to the data.

Originally Posted by robert malek View Post
regarding this whole matter, when my intent was to help you guys, being insulted by an american veteran here, as is my own father was totally uncalled for and improper. im not a punching bag so if you have a problem with how i treated you or anyone else, remember how i was treated first.
You are a punching bag, the shit you say invites confrontation.
You assume you know people, and you know more than them
You know nothing about me, or about what I know. You assume you are the only one to have laid your hands on a 426 hemi ( if you even have)
Being that I spend 5 years working pits in a truck/tractor pulling league I without a doubt have seen and done a lot more with the hemis, KB stuff, both hemi and wedge stuff, Brodix mopar stuff than you will ever see.
You have yet to type anything that shows you have any knowledge about the gen 2 hemi and their cars you couldn't learn at the coffee shop.
You're old, big whoop. I supervise old timers like you, they are only experienced at finding ways to avoid work. Very seldom do I learn anything of value from them, just like how I feel in this thread. (hey if you can pass judgement so can I)

"I don't care to hear what your ideas are, mine are better"

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