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Default Metallic rattle from the front

Let me first assure you: I've searched the whole Internet about this trouble before comming to you here with my question. I've come up with so many possibilities (which I will enumerate) that I found that formulating my question to you as clearly as possible would be my best bet. So here it comes.

My truck has this rattle up front (drive side most suspected) that is heard only when i hit rapid bumps like gravel roads washboards or potholes. It sounds like loose pieces of metal clunking together. I can also sometimes reproduce the sound by coasting slowly and applying brakes sharply.

Now It took it to a mechanic and explained the whole thing. He changed a tie-rod that was loose but the truck still does it. Brought it back to him but his final words were : "we cant reproduce the trouble, the truck is fine".

Well I use this truck on gravel roads all the time and let me tell you: I can reproduce it, it's actually f*** annoying.

The truck has had all scheduled maintenances done, I treat it like a jem, although it's true, I make it work when out in the woods.

I'm not mecanically enclined at all. I do grasp the general concepts but I don't touch myself. And before I sink thousands of dollar trying to have someone search and find the nature of that trouble, I would like your advices. Here are a list of potential culprits:

1- Sway bar links
2- Ball joints
3- Caliper bolts
4- Hood stops (this I can check myself :-p )
5- Rack and pinion
6- Strut/strut mount

Feel free to post any specific question. Thanks
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