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Originally Posted by TRCM View Post
No free oil changes here either, but as little I drive my full size trucks, it wouldn't do much for me.

The 97 3500 CTD I had 5 yrs, and only put 34k on it (only reason it is so high is I did several 3-4k trips to pickup parts/equipment all over the atlantic coast and as far west as western michigan)

The 08 Silverado I traded in on my 2012 Ram I had 20 months and put less than 13k on it

I fully expect to put 5k or less on this truck a year, as it is only used for towing my boat when I go fishing, and when I go somewhere dressed up nice like church or something.........altho all the nice creature comforts on it (Laramie trim & loaded) are making it harder to not drive everyday.

I have 2 cherokees I use for daily driving and hunting duties. DD'ing the Laramie would kill it, as my commute to work is less than 5 miles round trip. Not a big fan of short stop & go driving trips for longevity.
I'm the same way. On my old jeep: 9 years, 31,400 miles. Had my new RAM for 4 months: 720 miles.
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