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Originally Posted by SS4Luck View Post

haha probably shouldnt stir the pot anymore but that was funny

Dezert, what state do you work in? (just wondering where/what trucks you build are racing. I love that stuff)
I live in San Diego, but right now I'm in Washington. I got out of the Navy as and am now a Reservist and have been recalled for a period of time, so I'm in WA now.

I race in CA and NV, and the things we build are in the area also.

Originally Posted by Rug 15 View Post
im sure you have a ton more info then alot of people on here.. including myself but you kno.. just common courtesy not "acting" like you kno it all...

really i could care less how you act.. just sayin you could be a wee bit nicer? lol
Could you like.... Not use so many periods.... ? .....

Originally Posted by Bikenut View Post
Whatever, ridiculously priced is just that. And I don't think asking for a small discount is anything less American Hell, I just wanted the stupid bumpers.

I know, I know you're going to say I don't realize how much blood sweat and tears you guys put into designing and building this stuff. I get it. But I also understand the value of a dollar and have to earn every one of mine too. I certainly don't feel bad asking for some VERY overpriced rubber bumpers when I'm spending nearly a grand for a freakin leveling kit.
I'm failing to realize how custom fabrication is ridiculously priced. Labor, tube, Argon/Mixed gas, tools, and all other supplies get more expensive every month. I have to pay my bills too, I'm not running a charity. The only thing I can't put a price on is creativity and experience. The closest way I can make a profit off of that is "labor"

You understand the value of a dollar? No, I don't think you do. Nobody has a gun to your head, nobody is forcing you to buy accessories for your truck. Nobody forced you to buy that truck. What you are complaining about is the cost of your toys and why they don't fit within the constraints of your income. Three solutions: Make more money, spend your money more wisely, don't buy things you don't need (like accessories for your truck). I feel absolutely no sympathy for you.

I can tell you the outcome of their No Deals stance: I have a guy that is willing to buy 10 sets of their Hemi. and Cummins leveling kits right now, but in his own words "they don't want to work with the outlet companies so it's their loss". All it would probably cost them is a 10% vendor discount for a huge sale and exposure for their name but I guess they don't care about making more sales. And that's their prerogative.
Those products aren't profitable for them, at all. They're just bolt on crap for the bolt on crowd. Where they make their money is custom fabrication and long travel suspension. A few lift blocks/coils/screws/etc won't affect their bottom line in the least. They don't need any exposure either, they're trucks and suspension products are approaching legendary status in the racing community. That's the community that they make their money off of by the way.

This is how KORE makes money:


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