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Originally Posted by UNBROKEN View Post
Nice truck...a few things though.
Nitrous bottles have a siphon tube in them, the bottle should be angled up with the valve facing forward. Nitrous is a liquid, when your bottle runs low and you go WOT the nitrous will be pulled away from the siphon tube and you'll be spraying nothing. Even straight sideways is better than what you have. Get a blow down tube in that thing. If the pop off vent goes while you're in there you're in for a world of hurt. That bottle packs enough energy to do this:

Blow down tubes are cheap and easy to install...don't get hurt or killed just to save a few bucks. I've been drag racing for over 20 years...I've seen some gnarly nitrous mishaps up to and including a bottle going off in a car as it pulled out of the track. Screwed up 2 guys pretty bad plus the driver crashed the car when it happened.

Nitrous is a lot of have to treat it with respect though.
I agree with you about the bottle position, but I chose to mount that way due to it being a cleaner install. Also, these trucks do not pull enough G's for the liquid transfer inside of the tank to move that much. The hydrostatic pressure on the liquid inside of the tank is great enough for the mass to want to be at the bottom of the tank. If I was running 9's, then it would more than likely come into effect. I could work out the exact acceleration required for the liquid to move out of the siphon tube location, but dont really feel like going through my fluid dynamics books. (I'm a Mechanical Engineer grad from Georgia Tech)

That picture of the f body has nothing to do with a blowdown tube. All the blowdown tube does is redirect the nitrous that gets expelled from the tank in the slim chance that the pressure exceeds, i believe about 1800 psi. All modern tanks have a burst disk on the valve and will burst, just shooting the "juice" all over the cab (still wouldn't be fun) That f body had a faulty tank, Just because it blew before the burst valve did. And it looks like he didnt even have it strapped down.

All in all, I agree with you that I need a blow down tube to prevent the slim chance that the burst disk does blow and spray nitrous throughout the cab. BUT don't scare people posting a picture of a demolished car saying that it was a simple failure to install a blowdown tube.

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