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Originally Posted by cplunk View Post
I'm curious about whether it overrides the normal honk when locking as well. I'd hate for it to honk 3 times waking up my neighbors early in the morning.
Originally Posted by readster1 View Post
This looks like it might be a good upgrade, but what I was wondering is on the factory key fob there is what seems like extra buttons so when you first activate the key instead of pressing the lock button could another button be utilized instead???My other question is:when the lock button is pressed 3 times does the trucks horn honk or does it know you are trying to start the truck and bypasses this feature,and does it lock the doors and honk the horn when you just press it once??Also is it possible to set up the dball to act like the factory remote start where the heated seat and steering wheel will come on or the A/C when it is warm?? Just curious hope some will chime in that has knowledge on this thanks in advance
First off, Thank you kdramman! Great find~

As for the honking, it is up to you, if you currently have your truck setup to honk then yes, it will honk three times. You can turn off the "Lock with horn" feature via your dash setup and no horn will all one press of the lock button or three presses of the button. So you decide.

For the T-Harness here are a couple of links, there are more, your main concern for the search is it needs to be a CHTHD1 harness that is designed for the 09-12 Ram's the CHTHD2 is for the older models. and if you followed kdrammans recommendation and got the DBALL kit make sure it is for the DBALL. Here is how the one I bought is titled:

T-Harness Kit for TIP-START Equipped Chrysler/Dodge Models DBALL

As mentioned before the TIP-START feature is the ignition module that allows you to turn your key and quickly let go while your engine starts (you don't hold it until the engine starts)... you can actually put your key in your pocket and stick you finger in the ignition and turn to start your truck! Anyways here are a couple of links to purchase the T-Harness:



Oh! The Heated Seats/Steering wheel and A/C question. From what I gathered this bypass is only a remote starter it does not interface with anything else as is, I am sure there are add-ons you could use with the DBALL to achieve what you want but it just starts you truck and if you have the A/C on it will be on. I believe the Heated Seats/Steering wheel utilize a momentary switch so when you shut off the engine you also turn off the Heated/Cooling Seats/Steering Wheel so I assume it will not be on after you remote start. (I do not have those features so I speak purely hypothetically).

Hope that helps and good luck!

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